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6 Best Off-Page SEO Google Ranking Factors in 2022

All SEO techniques that do not involve publishing or updating content to your website are considered off-page SEO.
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All SEO techniques that do not involve publishing or updating content to your website are considered off-page SEO.

While "off-page" SEO was commonly used interchangeably in the past, there are many other off-page strategies you can employ.

Off-page SEO will help spread the word about your site around the World Wide Web. Off-page SEO is what creates brand awareness and contributes to high rankings. 

A successful SEO strategy includes off-page SEO. We will explain what it is and how it works.

These are the off-page SEO ranking factors in 2022 that your digital marketing strategy should focus on:

Content Quality

Keep in mind that your sole goal is search engine traffic. Your results may suffer. You must offer more than search engine optimization to satisfy both search engines (who will reward your efforts with higher rankings over time) and potential customers and return traffic. You shouldn't create "thin" content which ranks well and gets clicks but does not provide any additional value for the search engine user. Google can penalize sites that promote low-quality, thin content. They also have high bounce rates.

Both SEO and content can't work together. Marketers must understand that SEO and content are complementary. If you want to see your rankings improve, you will need to create great content.

Inbound Links

Links to websites other than yours that link back to your website. Inbound links are also known as backlinks. They represent traffic from another website that has been directed to your site. Your rank in search engines like Google and Bing can be affected by the quality and quantity you have.

Backlinks are a key off-page SEO factor, as SEOs, content marketers, bloggers, and others know. Natural links from relevant and authoritative websites are an independent "vote-of-confidence" that helps search engines trust your site more. 

Social shares

Social media shares are not considered SEO ranking factors. However, if your content is shared more on social media than usual, it can generate social signals that show your posts are valuable to your target audience.

What is the importance of social media for SEO? Social media indirectly influences search rankings. This is why it is important for SEO.

They will become advocates when you publish high-quality materials that are relevant to your target audience. Why? Because they offer something of value. This means your audience will share the articles with friends and followers.

Their followers will follow suit and so on. Remember that content creation/writing is a great way to get more people to your website. You can have content in any format as long as you engage your audience.

Domain Age

We included domain age on this list because you will find conflicting information online. You will find SEO companies that state that domain age is a Google ranking factor. Does domain age influence Google rankings?

Google claims that domain age does not affect ranking factors - we don't have any reason to doubt this.

Although many SEOs believe Google "trusts" older domains in their own way. Google's John Mueller said that domain age does not help.


Any mention of your company's name, address, and telephone number online is a local citation. Many SEOs consider them a crucial ranking factor in local SEO. Citations can be found in many places, including business directories and social networks.

Citations can be used as a ranking factor in local SEO. Google will be more certain to find your business if it is listed in trusted online directories.

Online Reviews

Customer Reviews are an excellent indicator of the local business's standing within its community. Google's customers are the best people to judge a business' worth.

More consumers are going online because of the events over the past two years. They will continue to look to their peers to find out which businesses they should buy from or work with in the future.

Google and other search engines reward businesses that have more positive reviews by placing them at the top of local organic search results.

Off-page Google ranking factors

How to do Off-Page SEO

The "off-page SEO" process of improving a website's search engine and user perception. This is achieved by obtaining links from other websites (especially trustworthy sites), mentions of your brand, and shares of your content. Follow these off-page SEO ranking factors in 2022 to increase the search traffic to your website.

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